Key Account Management

We stay in contact with tour operators and maintain relationships with them, which is crucial for long-haul markets.
As part of Key Account Management, Korutravel maintains regular contact with tour operators and develops business plans with them to boost their online and offline presence.

Tour Arrangements

Our hand-crafted tour packages are curated journeys for the sophisticated traveler. Our concept of tour packages includes where possible, experiences led by local experts in each location, hand-picked hotels offered by us and chosen by you, guaranteed departures with wide availability, and attractive prices.

Tour Guiding

As tour guides, we provide assistance, information, and guidance to individuals or groups of tourists during their travels. Our primary role is to enhance the travel experience by sharing knowledge and insights about the destinations, attractions, and cultural aspects of the places being visited. We are well-versed in the history, geography, culture, and traditions of the locations we cover, and will use our expertise to educate and entertain the tourists.

We will be responsible for organizing and leading tours, ensuring that the itinerary is followed, and the group stays on schedule. We may work in various settings, including cities, historical sites, natural landscapes, or cultural landmarks. During tours, we provide commentary, answer questions, and engage with the tourists, creating an interactive and immersive experience. We may also assist with logistical matters, such as arranging transportation, coordinating entry to attractions, and recommending places to eat or shop.

Transport & Organisaton

We arrange your flights, organize accommodation, rental cars, book attractions and try to make your experience as nice as possible.
As you might like to have an experienced guide on your side all the time, we will take care of you as experienced driver guide.
We use a wide range of companies for transportation and accommodation and are sure we can provide an exceptional experience for any budget.

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